Post Service Officer

Department policy regarding the duties of Post Service Officers (PSO) within The American Legion, Department of Michigan

    1. A Post Service Officer should be the initial point of contact regarding veteran issues by providing veterans in the community where the post is located with basic information and assistance including referral to a Department Service Officer. Given the complexity and broad range of rules that govern VA benefits, it is critically important for the PSO to work with the professional American Legion DSO and ensure any paperwork submitted by the veteran is forwarded to the DSO in a timely manner.
    2. This policy is meant to allow the PSO to remain an invaluable source of information and assistance for those that seek help from The American Legion while ensuring that veterans' services, provided in the name of The American Legion, are only sought out and received from an individual who holds the proper regulatory accreditation.
    3. Post Commanders should instruct their respective PSO to follow this guidance immediately. The District Service Officer should provide directed training during district meetings at least twice a year in order to provide the PSO with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to perform their duties. The training will allow the PSO to expertly refer veterans and claimants to the proper civic, community, government and other local entities that may assist them with specific needs.
    4. Any PSO that feels they need further individual training should contact the Director, VA&R, Department of Michigan at (313) 964-6640.

Where can a Post Service Officer start?

1.  A post-service officer should attend the Richard A. Morrison Veterans Advocacy training.  This annual training provides PSO's resources and direction they need to help direct a veteran to the help they need.  Training general occurs in August or September of each year.  Watch the MI Legionnaire newspaper or the training page on this website.

2. Contact your district commander for the name of your district service officer and connect with them.

3.  Contact our office (313) 964-6640 to let us know you are the new PSO and we can provide some information.

PSO Resources:

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