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Be Patient – The backlog at the Veterans Administration is close to 1 million claims behind, in the Detroit area they are roughly 33,000 claims behind for initial claims and appeals.  The paperwork submitted might not be looked at for over 6 months.  (Read- Understanding the Claims Process)

Be Prepared – The application and claims creation process is long and sometimes confusing.  Use an accredited veteran’s service officer to submit your claim (Find one near you).  They will ensure every “I” is dotted and “t” is cross; having a FULLY developed claim means faster results. Work with your service officer when they request information, they work WITH you to develop the claim. See the checklist for items to bring to your initial meeting.

Be On Time – During the development process of the claim the veteran may be asked to visit a VA Medical facility for an examination.  Show up on time to your appointment, the VA Health Care System is working with millions of veterans each year making time slots important.  Missing your appointment will only delay a decision concerning your claim.

Be Active – Be actively involved in your claim, although your Veteran Service Officers should receive the same correspondence as you do they may not.  Any correspondence you receive from the veterans administration make sure you make a copy for your service officer immediately.  If there are time sensitive instructions we want to deal with them.  There are time limits on processes. If you have questions about your claim call the organization representing you.

Do Not Face the Veterans Administration Alone!

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